Curse of Strahd

Session 2

Escape from Death House

After killing the animated statue, the group hears the front door creak loudly, slowly, open.  Two slow footsteps are heard coming into the house. The group hurries down the stairs to find Old Man Baskerville, who had similarly found himself mysteriously transported to this land and the group quickly <s>fell in love</s> put up with each other in order to survive this haunted endeavor.

The group moved into a bedroom where they opened a door to the nursery only to be attacked by the spectre of the baby's dead nanny!  The group fought fiercely, exept Basbo, who jumped in the crib and put on the baby's swaddling clothes and hid. Eventually the spectre was dispatched and the group carried on. 

Upon reaching a bedroom on the third floor the group found the bodies of two small children; Rose and Thorn.  The room had been locked from the outside & the windows bricked over, the children left to starve.  The group touched the toy chest in the room & the ghosts of Rose appeared, scared and confused.  The group soon figured out that the children they met outside had in fact not been Rose and Thorn, nor their ghosts as the ghosts had no knowledge of who the adventurers were.  Upon trying to leave the room, Basbo and Cole were possessed by the ghosts.

Soon the group found a hidden passage from the attic down to the basement where they soon fought a grick.  The group moved towards chanting coming from further on, and were attacked by several zombies.  The group began fighting but quickly realized that due to the creatures slow speed they could outrun them, and so they lit the zombies on fire and ran for the sub-basement.

In the sub-basement the group found a room filled with strange occult artifacts, which Old Man Baskerville promptly stuffed into his jacket/bag.

The group came into a large cavernous room with cultists above chanting that "one must die". In the centre of the room was a dias with shackles and blood.  The group decided not to sacrifice one of their own and the cult woke up the Shambling Mound which attacked.  The creature was taking very little damage and soon knocked Old Man Baskerville unconscious.  The group was getting very sleepy (especially sleepy baby Basbo Bro), and so the group ran as fast as they could up the stairs.  Upstairs the group was confronted with swinging scythe traps where the doors had been, and the walls were suddenly decrepit and decayed, and filled with rats.  With some struggle the group made it outside to find a man enshrouded by fog with 24 pairs of glowing yellow eyes around him.  The man laughed, "well played… game on" before disappearing into the fog.



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