Curse of Strahd

Session 1

Enter the Death House

The adventurers had been tasked with venturing to Amphail in order to secure a trade agreement with the village.  Q & Cole were hired by Basbo Turtlesnot to escort himself with his horse and cart.  Some time during the night, mists enshrouded the party and when they awoke they found that the trees looked unfamiliar, decayed, foreboding.  The group found that their camp was circled by six pathways going out in every direction and chose to follow the north path.  After travelling for what seemed like hours the group came to an enormous gate, flanked by two colossal stone statues, heads lying at their feet.  The gate creaked open at the adventurers approach.

Just inside the gate, the group found a dead and decaying body, encircled by claw marks and shambling footprints.  On the body was a letter explaining that help was needed in the village ahead.

The group ventured onward, eventually reaching a clearing where they could see a small village in the distance, with a massive castle overlooking it from a cliff. 

Upon reaching the village the group found two children, Rose and Thorn, who pleaded with the party to rid their house of the monster living in the basement.  The party was skeptical until they mentioned the baby on the third floor.  No one puts baby in the corner of a room in a creepy room inhabited by monsters.

After failing to scale the outside wall of the house the group decided to venture through the front door, leaving Q to keep watch outside.  The fog grew closer and closer until Q could no longer remain outside and so she ventured inside, leaving the groups horse sorrowfully undefended. 

The group found the insignia of a windmill on a small shield on the wall.  The group quickly made their way up to the third floor and fought an animated statue, which did not manage to hit them a single time before they tore it to shreds.

End Session 1.




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