Curse of Strahd

Session 3

Exploring the Village


Tamlynn Bryson – Q (Ranger)

Erik Helle – Basbo (Bard)

Zach Greembridge – Old Man Baskerville ( warlock)

Upon the disappearance of the man in the fog, the group hears the sounds of someone crying and decides to investigate.  Many windows in the town are dark, som boarded up.  Smoke can be seen only from a few sparse chimneys.  The group reaches the house where the wailing is coming from and finds the door locked.  Luckily Old Man Baskerville has his trusty battering ram and smashes the door open!  The main living room is empty and the wailing can be heard coming from upstairs.  The group cautiously moves up the stairs to find a woman (Mad Mary), sitting in the centre of the room clutching a creepy, raggedy doll.  Q consoles the woman who opens up about her lost daughter, Gertruda; whom Mary believes was stolen by the Devil.  Old Man Baskervill gets angry at Mary's mention of the devil which makes Mary cry louder.  Q again consoles Mary and Basbo confronts Old Man Baskerville (henceforth OMB), and tells him to go downstairs, at which points he helps to comfort Mary.  Mary explains that the devil haunts Barovia and none can defeat him.  Q & Basbo promise to help find Getruda.  Mary thanks them and gives Q the creepy doll, which has a tag saying "Ain't no fun, ain't no Blinsky!".

The group comes across a shop and after much debate about whether to go in or not, find the door to be locked.  The man inside yells at them to "come back tomorrow and make sure you bring coin!".

The group, knowing all good adventures begin at the tavern, head to the tavern!  At the tavern the group find three Vistani at a table, the stocky innkeeper, two men sitting at a fire telling stories, and one man sitting alone at a table drinking wine.  The group splits up to learn what they can.

Q – Goes to the two men, to find one ranting and raving about werewolves, telling of how he encountered two, no four, no SEVEN werewolves on the forest the other day, they were big as a bugbear, with teeth as big as a frostgiants left arm!  They attacked him and killed his whole entourage and he was the only one to escape using his wits of course!  Q flirted with the other bored looking man, who told her about life in Barovia; it's a small village where the devil is always watching.

Basbo – Goes to the innkeeper where he learns that the three Vistani are the owners of the inn & they may allow the group to stay for free if he entertains the room with his music.  Basbo proceeds to rock the room like a half-size version of Angus Young.  He talks to the Vistani who liked his music, and they tell him the group should get their fortunes read by Madam Eva.  He asks who they think took Gertruda, and they reply "The Devil Strahd of course".

OMB – Speaks with the man alone drinking wine, who offers him some wine and to sit.  Ismark Kolyanavich explains that his sister is in danger as the devil is after her.  OMB laughs and explains he doe snot fear the devil to which  Ismark replies "Then clearly you've never met him".  Ismark begs for help to keep his sister safe and escort her to Vallaki, away from the Devils eyes.  The group agrees to help in return for the reward of a new Donky.



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